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Monday, September 7, 2015

Mid-chore, Momma pauses to peek over the loft railing and tight-chested with breath held watches child's hand sliding open-palmed down the long-haired back of a small, trusting dog who knows what it is to be pinched, pulled, bitten, and pushed to the floor by pushing-28 pounds of love. "Good job!" Momma says, and child smiles up. "Gentle! Good!" Child's arm slides over dog's back and Momma's shoulders lean over railing. "Gentle! Great job! Gentle!" Momma says, envisioning a trip to the ER for a dog-nip to the face. Dog sits quietly and child hugs. Gently. Child releases hug and smiles up at Momma. Dog slips away, shakes, and wanders behind the couch. Momma descends with praise, inwardly screaming, "Huzzah! Woot woot hooray!" Boy-and-his-dog moment successfully had.

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