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Friday, January 6, 2012

sunset on skis

I can share it with you perhaps because your not listening won't be felt and you cannot interrupt me or look bored in any way that I can see, this my first sunset on the ski lift, the hopping off and effortlessly powerful gliding down before unstopped copper hills the departing light snaked up swirling peach melba colors through hugging grey clouds, misty rays stretching reaching shooting out the top and us quietly gliding by. The beauty, I want the beauty but to share;heartstopping things, blissful things that stay for life, things that stay inside and come up again to make you smile in the unsuspecting moments. They just are not as good kept to oneself. Beautiful things, the glee that quivers your legs with the need to jump and bulges your throat with a shout, the songs that open new ideas and demand reminiscence, the hopes that come and the dreams we need, the aspirations and inspirations we pass along and along to one another- these things were made to share. These things come to us for being given on again.

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